Introduction :-

Building surveys are undertaken for a variety of clients and purposes and the extent of the survey and format of the report vary according to the particular circumstances. Surveys may be undertaken as a preliminary to providing other services under many of the headings in this section.

Client's requirements:-
Discuss the client's requirements, formulate a brief and agree the scope of service to be provided.

Building surveys.
Advise on the extent and detail of the survey and obtain agreement of the same.
Inspect the property, arrange for further specialist investigations and tests as may be agreed and produce a written report. Disabled access audits can also be carried out separately or together with the building survey.
Building defects and occupancy problems :-
Inspect buildings and investigate specific problems, including arranging and co-ordination of necessary exploratory work by contractors or specialists as required.
Carry out such tests and observations over a period as may be required.
Assess the cause of any defects and report to the client with recommendations for remedial work.
Advise, where necessary, on the employment of consultants or specialists.

Measured surveys :-
Measured surveys may be carried out in conjunction with the services described under Building Works, Feasibility Studies, Maintenance, Insurance Assessments and Legislation. Equally, measured surveys may also be carried out as a separate service to provide record information.
Carry out or obtain a measured survey of land and building and producing survey drawings to include as required:
floor plans;
3D layouts ;
· site layout;
· levels;
· services, and drainage;
· trees and other features.

Building on Plans
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