Discuss the client's requirements, formulate a brief and agree the scope of service to be provided.
Obtain drawings showing the buildings or site, or obtain or carry out a measured survey in sufficient detail to prepare the feasibility layout.
Examine and consider the buildings or site.
Determine any restrictions applicable to the proposals including the following matters:
· planning restrictions;
· legal
1. covenants
2. easements
3. prescriptive rights
4. rights of light
5. licences;
· building regulations and other statutory controls;
· boundaries;
· party wall matters;
· sub-soil limitations excluding contamination issues;
· drainage.
After liaison with other consultants and the client, advise on possible courses of action for development, re-development, rehabilitation or alterations.
Advise on:
· statutory requirements;
· cost implications;
· advantages/disadvantages.
Prepare sketch proposals and budget costs of the options to be considered and present a feasibility report to the client.

Building on Plans
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