Dilapidations (land and buildings)

Acting for the landlord

Preparing on behalf of landlord, a schedule of dilapidations as specified under the terms of a lease and negotiating and (subject to the client's approval) agreeing with the lessee the cost of carrying out the work.
Inspecting and approving, on behalf of the landlord, any works carried out.
Acting for the lessee

Acting on behalf of a lessee in connection with a schedule of dilapidations served on him or her and agreeing, on his or her behalf, the cost of the work to be undertaken; alternatively, arranging for the work to be carried out on his or her behalf and (subject to the client's approval) agreeing with the landlord that any such work has been satisfactorily carried out.
Repairing covenants in leases

Examining the lease documents to establish the nature and detail of repairing covenants and their likely consequences upon the parties to the lease. Advising the client accordingly with, where applicable, an indication of the cost implications.
Preparing on behalf of a lessee a schedule of condition for attachment to a lease.
Advising clients on the consequences of incorporating, or the acceptability of, specific covenants in leases.


Submitting, on behalf of a lessee, plans of proposed building works for approval and negotiating and obtaining the landlord's consent to such proposals.
Examining documents submitted by a lessee, on behalf of the landlord, and approval proposals under the terms of the lease.

Building on Plans
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