Programme maintenance

Client's requirements/Property portfolio

Discuss the client's requirements, formulating a brief and agreeing the scope of service to be provided.
Where the portfolio is extensive, discuss with the client the requirements for a strategic survey and sampling prior to preparing a programmed maintenance scheme:
· Determine the extent of technical input to the client's existing computer programs. Work with the client's computer consultants where appropriate to set up a suitable program or comply with existing programs.
· Inspect the property to determine the extent of repair and maintenance required.
· Prepare a report compatible with the existing or proposed systems of data recording, identifying repair and maintenance works, costs, forecasts, program etc.
· Indicate life expectancy of elements where required.
· Implement the programmed maintenance system.
Maintenance advice

Condition surveys

Discuss the client's aims, formulating a brief, agreeing the scope of the audit and the need for additional consultants.
Carry out an inspection of the building stock to determine its condition and future maintenance liabilities.
Assimilate the information to provide a record and assess priorities.
Present a report on the information gathered with recommendations for future maintenance, inspections and feedback.
Planned maintenance
Carry out a condition audit (see above) of the building or estate.
Advise on the manipulation of the records into a rolling programme to suit the client's budgeting procedures.
Advise the client's computer consultants on information input and the results required from a system.
Life expectancy and costing
Advise on the life expectancy of elements of a building and maintenance implications.
Advise on the total life cycle costing of a building, allowing for maintenance during its economic life.

Building on Plans
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